Job Description

Landscape Engineer with strong experience in UAE is required to supervise Landscape projects in Dubai. Responsibilities are listed below.

  • Assist the Assistant Resident Engineer (ARE) and Rat esident Engineer UAE(RE) in performing the contractual duties on site.
  • Monitoring site with landscape contractors/subcontractors/vendors works and progress.
  • Handles and supervises all landscape works and ensures that installation activities are complying with contractual obligations and quality control standards.
  • Follow-up with contractor and coordination with utility authority for approvals/ NOC’s whenever required.
  • Receive material inspection requests from the contractor, inspect landscape materials at site and sign off requests.
  • Prepares / Supervise necessary documents for the completion of work and have them authorized by the consultants after inspection.
  • Supervise all landscape works activities for sitewide landscape projects.
  • Inspect the works of landscape items as per approved shop drawings such as Layout drawings, General arrangement layouts and details.
  • Coordinate with Civil and Infra contractors for landscape works.
  • Coordinate with design team and resolve any discrepancies between IFC/contract drawings and civil drawings, provide necessary solution on site, Review and respond to RFIs
  • Inspect the landscape works as per approved method statements and shop drawings.
  • Material inspection and sign off and construction related design reviews.
  • To ensure the safety critical aspects of the project are identified and actively managed
  • Assist ARE/RE in Closing the punch points & Handing over the works.
  • Assist ARE/RE in review of manuals, As Built Drawings, training plans, etc.,
  • Places an emphasis on safe construction practices (Target Zero) and on maintaining a high quality of construction. Leads by example in driving safe practices on site.
  • Ensures that the project quality control procedures are used for the construction supervision works and monitors it for improvement.
  • Assists the RE/ARE in monitoring progress of construction against the program and takes steps to ensure the program is achieved.


  • Strong Construction supervision experience.
  • Strong English communication skills.
  • Must have the ability to utilize computer technology to access data, maintain records, generate reports etc


  • A Bachelor’s Degree in Landscape Engineering or equivalent

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