Research Assistant

Job Description

The successful candidate will work as Research Assistant in the ASPIRE Research Institute for Food Security in the Drylands. This institute features a comprehensive and highly interdisciplinary R&D program and provides an international collaboration platform for researchers and stakeholders of the public and private food and agricultural sector. It strives to generate knowledge and technological innovation in support of food security in the UAE and other arid environments of the world. As part of one of its research themes, the institute will develop plant growth substrates and soil additives based on the recycling of waste materials. To support this work, we seek to hire a Research Assistant in the field of plant nutrition and soil science. The successful candidate is expected to independently conduct experiments in the greenhouse and the open field. We expect that he/she can deploy a repertoire of chemical and physical soil analytical methods. Experience with hydroponic and in vitro plant cultures is of advantage. Applicants should appreciate working in an international and interdisciplinary team and should be willing to support the graduation project work of undergraduate and master students. Working place is the United Arab Emirates University in Al Ain, including the experimental station in Al Foah. The position is for nine months with the possibility of extension on an annual basis.

Minimum Qualification

M. Sc. Degree in agriculture, horticulture, soil science, biology, or a related discipline.

Preferred Qualification

Ph. D. Degree in agriculture, horticulture, soil science, biology, or a related discipline.

Expected Skills/Rank/Experience

Candidates should be able to independently perform standard soil analyses in the laboratory. Experience with the planning and conduction of field and greenhouse experiments is of advantage.

DivisionCollege of Agricul.&Veterinary Med.
DepartmentIntegrative Agriculture- (CAVM)
Job Close Date30-06-2023
Job CategoryAcademic – Research Assistant
Salary8.000 – 10.000 AED monthly


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